Tips to Keep Your Paver, Patio and Landscaping Features Looking Their Best

As winter approaches, now is a great time to take a good look at your patio pavers, walkways, and landscaping features such as water and fire fixtures. It is important to invest in the upkeep of these items as they will continue to face the wear and tear of seasonal weather in Northeastern OH. Taking proactive actions to battle the ice, moss, and water that penetrate natural stone pavers and other features can save you a lot of money. Seasonal maintenance is a small price to pay to help keep your landscape and hardscape projects looking their best.

J. Barker Landscaping Co team provides many seasonal upkeep services including the professional services listed below. Contact us at (440) 232-1115 or [email protected] and we will be happy to provide advice. 

Our Team’s DIY Suggestions: 

  • To combat moss or algae growth on natural stone and other pavers, check how your current irrigation system sprays water onto your patio and walkway and alter this if it is too much overflow from your landscape. Next, spray a no-scrub type liquid such as Wet it and Forget it on the areas showing any green growth throughout the season. 
  • Use a snowmelt product to rid your walkways and patios of ice during the winter instead of rock salt which can break down the stones and cause a lot of damage. Sometimes this innocent mistake can lead to broken and flaking stones which would require replacement.

Tips that Require Professional Assistance: 

  • All power washing should be completed by a professional. It takes a trained eye and hand to correctly administer the water pressure and angle of the power washer hose to make sure that no inadvertent damage is done. 
  • For natural stone patios and walkways filled with polymeric sand between the stones, you will need to clean and then refill the sand every 3-5 years depending on water and weather circumstances. 
  • Patios and walkways that have mortar require less upkeep but should be checked every 4-6 years to ensure that all the joints are still in place and water damage has not created any issues. 
  • Fire features and water features on patios or in gardens require a well-fitted cover with an elastic type closure to help protect them from the winter weather. Pumps must be removed from water features and the system must be winterized so that pipes do not break from ice damage. This is similar to the winterizing of irrigation systems. 

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