The lighting experts at J. Barker Landscaping Co. recommend that customers invest in exterior lighting systems to help make their beautiful landscapes shine! Our team has experience working with many different types of lighting systems to create special lighting effects on the outside of your home and to highlight your plant material.

We advise customers to make their landscaping lighting investment for the following reasons:

Light It Up and Show It Off.

Highlighting architectural features of your home enhances the beauty of the property, accentuates specimen trees and horticulture to provide depth and dimension to your landscape design. Your home’s curb appeal will have an instant improvement and the lighting adds value to your home.  

Protect Your Property and Those Who Visit.

Installing modern outdoor lighting has added safety and cost benefits. With the proper lighting system, your family’s security and safety are increased. Lighting the perimeter of your home, walkways, and steps creates a safer walking experience for family and guests. A well-lit home is also less likely to attract unwanted visitors.

We Know the Most Cost Efficient Options.

Our lighting effects and systems can be installed and run with environmentally-friendly LED lighting. These bulbs use up to 75% less energy than halogen systems, providing long term cost savings.

Call us today at (440) 232-1115 or email us at [email protected] to discuss an exterior lighting system for your property!