Spring will soon make its appearance in Northeastern Ohio and your landscape is sure to show a bit of damage caused by the cold, icy, and windy winter season. It is important to assess any damage to your property and get a head start on the growing season. 

The J. Barker Landscaping Company team offers these tips to set your spring season up for success. Take a stroll outside or a peek out the window to check for the following:

  1. Deer often damage tree trunks by rubbing and removing the bark from the trunks and lower branches. Look for any broken branches that will need to be pruned.
  2. Deer feed on buds, needles, twig ends on trees and shrubs (deer browse). The faster you note this, the more quickly you can reduce the damage.  
  3. Snow removal equipment often damages the lawn areas and ruts develop in the turf. 
  4. Mulch erodes around the base of perennials and new shrubs as snow melts and rainfalls. If too much migrates away from the base of the plant material, your shrubs may be compromised by the freezing conditions. 
  5. If the mulch has migrated away from the base of the plant material, the plants may be compromised by freezing conditions.

You can begin to remedy much of these items on your own and we are happy to offer any of the following services. 

  1. Note any broken branches that will need to be pruned and hire a crew to complete the work. 
  2. Apply deer repellant to plants affected by deer browse and to prevent any further damage.
  3. Rake and seed the small areas of the lawn where repairs are required. This should be completed as early as possible in the spring season. 
  4. If the soil/mulch surrounding your shrubs and plants has migrated and is not frozen, rake mulch and surround plants to protect them from the early spring elements. 

Learn more of our team’s suggested spring landscaping tips and call us at (440) 232-1115 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your services.