Preparing for the cold Northeastern Ohio winter months is a simple yet necessary process.

The ultimate goal is to ensure a bountiful spring bloom.

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This fall season, the J. Barker Landscaping Co. team suggests the following:

  1. Prune and trim both plants and trees to protect them from snow, wind, and storm damages.
  2. Apply a late fall lawn fertilization to promote a healthy lawn over the winter and into early spring.
  3. Complete your lawn’s final mowing as late in the season as possible. Mowing height should be lower than normal because this helps protect against snow mold and other winter damage.
  4. Continue watering all evergreen trees until your external water source is shut off in the late fall.  These plants store moisture and require this moisture to guard against wind damage.
  5. Apply an anti-desiccant spray to evergreen shrubs. These plants also need protection against drying out and this spray actively coats the foliage and provides a barrier to help the plant retain moisture.
  6. Wrap individual plants and screen individual shrubs to protect against wind and salt damage. Our secure hedge screening and individual scrub wrapping provide the ultimate coverage.