Our design and landscape team want to help your landscape look its best every season, particularly during our beautiful northeastern Ohio spring and summer months.

This spring season, the J. Barker Landscaping Co. team suggests the following:

  1. Schedule your spring cleanup! A thorough spring cleanup is essential to the health of your landscape. Snow plow damage, displaced salt, wayward debris, and old fall leaves leave their mark and trap unwanted toxins throughout your lawn. We advise removing these items and treating your lawn early to ensure a healthy growing season. A high-quality spring cleanup makes your yard look tidy and helps your plant material thrive. Learn how J. Barker Landscaping Co. can help enhance your property.
  2. Mend the winter’s damage. We will head out in the next month to begin spring lawn fertilization applications and spring cleanup sessions. Our experts will assess any winter damage to your landscape. The team will provide suggested methods to heal your plants in the warming months. Frost and snow mold from the winter season stress your plants and we are seeing more as a result of shifting weather patterns in our region. We will offer multiple solutions to revitalize your plants and lawn. Follow up with us on your quote and we will make your landscape shine.
  3. Keep unwanted deer away. We all know that deer find our pretty plants delicious. Watching your beloved landscape reduced to a few sparse plants is frustrating and can be expensive to repair. We are happy to provide a non-toxic granular deer repellant as a solution for an additional, yet, worthwhile and reasonable cost, Our repellant treatments include 5-6 applications to your beds per season. We suggest using this ongoing and consistent approach to help retrain the deer and keep them away from your yard! Applications can be made as part of new plant material installation or to mature landscapes. Contact us to learn more about this helpful process.